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Grimson & Sons

Grimson & Sons is a Vancouver-based jewellery company that creates one-of-a-kind, bespoke pieces with the most exquisite materials and traditional craftsmanship.


The brief was to create a website that highlights their jewellery and brand in an elegant, yet edgy, way. They also needed to sell their jewellery through an e-commerce site that was concise and user-friendly.


Grimson & Sons have a unique brand and aesthetic, unlike other jewellery companies. By mixing elegance with an edgy flare, we were able to create a unique, interesting, and professional website that checks all of their boxes. Clean type with lots of hierarchy lets the design and pieces shine. We created unique icons and illustrations that showcase the brand’s edge and approachability.


Visit the Grimson & Sons website here


This project was created while under the creative direction of Ecstatic Designs Inc.


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–  Web Design

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