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7PM Cheer

The "7 PM Cheer" is known throughout Vancouver as a time to celebrate and cheer on the front-line workers. This book documents the people and communities cheering at 7 PM from March to June 2020 in support of our fearless Frontline workers during the peek of the COVID pandemic. All proceeds go to support two important charities whose resources have been exhausted during these challenging times - the Vancouver Food Bank and BC Women’s Foundation.


We were approached by a local photographer to collaborate on a non-profit project; to create a momentum of joy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.


Through collaboration with the photographer and the team at Ecstatic, I helped create an informative, yet artful, coffee table book highlighting 7 PM cheers across Vancouver communities. Being a part of this project was inspiring and helped to bring some joy to the ever-exhausting pandemic. 


Find out more about the 7PM Cheer book & photographer here.


This project was created while under the creative direction of Ecstatic
Designs Inc.


–  Branding

–  Print

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