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Rice Harbut Elliott

RHE is a firm of trial lawyers who exclusively represent people who have been injured. Truth, accountability, and results are Rice Harbut Elliott’s guiding principles.


The brief was to create a brand identity that represented the firm’s values and ideals in a modern and polished way. In addition to the branding, RHE needed print assets and a website that their clients could understand quickly and easily.


This visual identity system symbolizes how Rice Harbut Elliott gains most of their clientele - through connections. Even a smaller, one-time client can lead to a massive client or a “big fish”, if you will. The logo’s meaning is threefold: first, it suggests a continuous path that work can be streamlined through; secondly, that connections are formed via referrals, personal contacts, and within the office; thirdly, it represents the transparency of the brand shown through bold, clear, sans serif type. We created a visually interesting and informative website. The idea behind the homepage is to capture users' attention with a storied video about what RHE is all about. One of the goals was to showcase how RHE is different from the typical "ambulance chasing" injury lawyer. They care about their clients and the website was designed to reflect that. 

Visit the RHE website here.


This project was created while under the creative direction of Storydriven Inc.


–  Branding

–  Print

–  Web Design

–  Environmental Design

–  Photoshoot Art Direction

–  Video Storyboarding