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Andrea Diaz

Andrea Diaz is an industrial designer based in Vancouver. She asked me to create a visual identity system for her that would give potential employers and clients insight into her style and past work.


The brief was to create a visual identity that represented both industrial design and graphic design simultaneously, without being too specific. To design something versatile, conceptual, and modern that would embody her personality and design style.


I used Andrea’s initials to create graphic shapes that work together, forming a mark that can be easily replicated and used in various applications. The icon has multiple meanings. The shapes represent building blocks, both literally and conceptually, that speak to industrial as well as graphic design. The colours showcase a bright, approachable, creative, almost child-like enthusiasm, as well as her out-of-the-box thinking. The placement of the shapes and how they overlap represent connection, collaboration, and a product or idea coming together seamlessly. The multiple icon variations showcase the versatility of this brand identity and allow Andrea to choose an appropriate form for each of her projects.


–  Branding

–  Print

"From start to finish, working with Monica was amazing. She took all the stress out of the branding process and really listened to my vision and was able to translate it into something better than I ever expected."

- Andrea Diaz
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